PATIALA: A wrapped around the neck of an unidentified man, whose body was recovered by the police from Ghaggar river near Laachharu Khurd in Ghanaur block of Patiala district in December 2016, has finally helped the cops solve the twoyear-old blind and arrest the key conspirator, who happens to be a transgender.

The post-mortem had confirmed the victim, Kewal Singh, a resident of Adarsh Nagar on Bhadson Road, Patiala, who was in his early twenties, was strangulated. As the investigations progressed, the cops found that Kewal had disappeared on December 29, 2016, after he had gone to attend a birthday party thrown by one of his friends. The cops then started to collect the video recordings of birthday party from those who were present during the bash and finally stumbled upon a video clip in which Kewal was seen dancing with Rita Mahant, a transgender. It was learnt that Kewal was a member of the team led by Rita that would collect donations from people.

During prolonged investigations, the cops received another video clip, in which Kewal was seen leaving the party along with Rita, never to be seen again, while Rita returned to the party after about half an hour.

As the cops again scrutinised the video clips, they found that the dupatta that Rita was wearing before leaving the party was also missing after she returned. Further investigations confirmed that the dupatta that was found wrapped around the neck of Kewal matched the one which Rita was wearing at the party.