Travellers‘ fury sparked by fake power outlet stickers left around airports

A seat next to a power socket is a prized object at an airport.

And pranksters in the US have been using this fact to their advantage – by placing, of all things, fake power outlet stickers next to them, .

MailOnline reported on a viral video made last year in Miami International Airport showing a traveller trying to plug her phone into a sticker on a pillar. And the stickers are still appearing, leading to eruptions of fury on Twitter.

The stickers look exactly like power outlets and have been found not just on walls and pillars, but even on rubbish bins.


Though clearly the brighter sparks in airport terminals aren‘t going to be taken in by the latter.

One of those who fell victim to the joke recently was Brandon Ewing, who posted a picture of the power outlet sticker that fooled him on Twitter.

He wrote: “Whoever put up this fake sticker of an open outlet at the airport, you are now my enemy for life.”

Kyle Kerouac had a similar experience at St. Louis Lambert International Airport while waiting for a flight to Las Vegas.

Next to his picture of the offending sticker was this caption: “Why!!!! It looks so real!! Why put a sticker of an outlet on the wall in the terminal !! So triggered.”

Twitter user ‘K‘ also saw one of the fake stickers and was equally outraged.

She said: “I sat here so I could charge my phone but this outlet is a f***ing sticker. I‘m so mad.”

‘Tired data janitor‘, meanwhile, posted a picture showing a sticker that had been clearly marked after people thought it was real and tried to plug their phone in.

He wrote: “Spotted in LAX: one of those outlet stickers with people‘s rage applied to them.”

The stickers can be bought for a few dollars on sites such as Amazon.