With the beginning of a new academic session, seniors of Delhi University are looking to invite the freshers to join the societies. One such society, – society of , recently had their orientation programme to introduce freshers to their society. During the introduction session, the team staged a street play ‘Depression: Let’s Talk’. The play, as the name suggests, depicts the life of people suffering from and how even their friends and family members are not able to understand their condition. It bursts myths associated with depression. “Some people don’t understand what a depression patient goes through. They often mistook depression for mere sadness. They think that going on and meeting friends will help them get through depression, but that’s not the case. It is important to see a psychiatrist and seek medical help,” says Ujwal Bajaj, Vice President, Natuve. The play ends with the actors holding placards that listed out nine symptoms of depression.
‘Depression: Let‘s Talk‘ is a street play dealing with the problem of depression

bursts myths associated with depression

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