For a lot of people, the sex that is on their birth certificate is the gender they identify with.

However, for those who don‘t fit that mould, the gender stated in that document can be very life-disrupting.

So should we be able to edit our birth certificates and update them with the sex we do identify with later in life? And do it in a way that is simple and easy?

That‘s exactly what The Hits presenters Sarah Gandy, Sam Wallace and Laura McGoldrick — who is filling in for — discussed this morning.


Watch above to see the full conversation

Listeners were divided on the issue when Sarah, Sam and Laura discussed it on The Hits this morning. facebook twitter email linkedin google-plus whatsapp pinterest reddit

Many people weighed in on the conversation — with one woman, whose wife is transgender, saying being able to make that change is vital and also telling Sam he needed to “get with the times”.

However, another caller disagreed saying that you shouldn‘t be able to change your original birth certificate but instead have another form — similar to when people get married — where the change in gender is noted.

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