JAIPUR: When a 67-year-old patient with severe calcified blockages were brought to a private hospital, the doctors examined him and concluded that the patient is suffering from high risk blockages and failing heart was at a high risk for .

An angiogram revealed all his arteries were more than 90% blocked with very hard, deposited life threatening blockages.

The doctors were left with no other option except performing a rare surgery using a miniaturised pump “Impella”, which is a motorised pump that helps in blood circulation to the body organs. It is inserted via leg arteries. It is a small device which is just like a catheter and works on the principle of submersible water pump.

Private hospital’s doctor Ravinder Singh Rao, who performed the surgery, said, “It was an extremely high-risk which was performed. It would have not been impossible to do the procedure with safety without the support of the device.”

In the surgery, which was performed on July 26, the doctors removed the calcium followed by implantation of three stents in a procedure lasting for two hours.

He said that once in position, the heart pump withdraws blood from the left ventricle and expels it in to the ascending aorta, the same effect that happens with the pumping motion of your heart.

However, he claimed the device can also be used to support the heart in cases of high risk angioplasties in patients with poor heart function and where surgery is considered too risky. “When the procedure is over or the heart recovery occurs, the device can just be pulled out and removed as it is like a catheter,” he said.

Keeping you hale and hearty:


— When the organ gets weak because of a heart attack or blockages, it is not able to pump blood to the rest of the body

— The Impella works like a miniaturised submersible water pump. It sucks blood from the chambers of the heart and pushed it to rest of the body

— It allows the doctor to conduct surgery or angioplasty, which would otherwise be too risky


—LVAD and other heart-supporting devices are permanent devices that function as artificial hearts, need major heart surgery to implant and are more expensive

— Impella is is a temporary device and easy to implant

— Allows the heart to recover

— Can be removed easily when patient recovers

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