Bryan Elementary School (Google Street View)

A man who reportedly tried to lure students into his car on their way to Richard Bryan Elementary School on Tuesday was offering them a ride after dropping his own child off at school, Las Vegas police say.

The three male students reported that a white male adult with a beard attempted to lure them into his car, but said they declined the ride and made it to school.

Detectives found the man and learned that he was returning home after dropping his own child off at the school when he overheard the boys say they were going to be late for school and offered them a ride, the Metropolitan Police Department said in a news release on Wednesday.

Detectives determined the man, who was not identified, had no criminal intent.

“There are some important points to remember regarding this incident,” the release stated. “The three students involved in this case refused to get into the vehicle with a stranger. It is imperative that parents have this discussion with their children.”

If an adult believes a child is in need of assistance, it is better for that person to call 311, Metro spokesman Jay Rivera said.

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