Chapman’s Trail Rated Jeep Wrangler gets you through rough terrain. (Jeep)

The Las Vegas Valley has seen plenty of storms lately, and that is no surprise since monsoon season is in full swing. Chapman Chrysler Jeep has the perfect vehicle for taking on the threatening flood season, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

Every Wrangler comes equipped with the Trail Rated badge, meaning it can perform well in both off-road and all-weather conditions. During monsoon season, the Wrangler’s ability to ford water while maintaining traction, even in some of the most unpredictable driving conditions, allows you to feel confident in all driving conditions. The Wrangler is capable of maneuvering through trudging waters, and with sealed electrical systems, a high air intake and available skid plates for additional undercarriage protection, all your worries about your car’s well-being will be washed away.

“Monsoon season typically hits the valley in July and lasts through mid-September and consists of sudden flash floods and excess amounts of mud. All of which can create havoc on the roads,” said Gary Brewer, general manager of Chapman Chrysler Jeep. “Thankfully, the new 2018 Wrangler was built to thrive in such conditions, and even though I don’t recommend driving in inclement weather, it would be the ideal vehicle to have.”

One of the main reasons the Jeep Wrangler has been labeled as an off-road icon and thrives in treacherous conditions is because of the award-winning 4×4 system. The Command-Trac 4×4 system will help you in all off-road and inclement weather situations while delivering superior efficiency when four-wheel drive isn’t needed.

In order to prevent hydroplaning during heavy rains, one of the most important aspects of 4×4 driving is transmitting power to the wheels for increased traction. All Jeeps include either mechanical, electronic or brake-assisted differentials to help maximize power delivery. Another unique feature of the Wrangler is the front sway bar disconnect system, which lets the driver unfasten the front sway bar and allows the front wheels to compress for improved maneuverability.

Finally, if you ever find yourself in a situation you’re not comfortable getting out of, the available SOS Call and Assist buttons are there to connect you with Uconnect Roadside Assistance or a Public Safety Answering Point that will dispatch first responders to your location.

Chapman Chrysler Jeep has an extensive lineup of new 2018 models available including the Sport S, Sahara, Golden Eagle and Rubicon Recon.

About the dealer

Chapman Chrysler Jeep sells and services the complete line of Chrysler and Jeep vehicles from its location at Valley Automall in Henderson. The dealership is located at 930 Auto Show Drive and can be reached at or online at chapmanchryslerjeep.