GREATER NOIDA: Now playing in Noida, Sharma Ki Shaadi. For those thinking this is a rip-off of Sonam Kapoor’s , here’s a reality check. Tarun Sharma is no reel conman but a real-life imposter who had been using himself as a bait with the help of his to cheat rich women into marriage and make away with their money.
But it was the grit of one of the women whom Tarun had cheated of Rs 40 that got him and his girlfriend arrested, after they had conned at least two other women in Bhopal.

Tarun and Durga were watching Dolly Ki Doli in a theatre in 2015 when they took cue from the movie and decided to con women from affluent families on the pretext of marriage. Tarun opened an account on a matrimonial site and came into with a nurse from Noida. A few months of courtship, and the two in April 2017.

Tarun introduced his girlfriend Durga as his sister and the two persuaded the nurse and his mother, a government employee, to pay them Rs 30 lakh for a property in Noida. A few months later, Tarun withdrew Rs 10 lakh from a joint account he had opened with the nurse and fled Noida.

But the nurse Tarun had conned wasn’t willing to despair. Though she had lodged a police complaint, she was unhappy with the pace of the investigation. So, the nurse decided to do a fact-check herself.

She came across a friend of Durga who had come to her wedding in 2017 from Tarun’s side. The woman told her that Durga and she were classmates in a government school in Dehradun’s Jhajra village. The nurse went to the village and enquired about Durga’s whereabouts.

She was told that Durga and Tarun had met each other in 2010 in Delhi and fled homes a year later when her family objected to their relationship. Armed with information that even the police had failed to gather after months of probe, the nurse came back to Noida and told the cops of all possible places where Tarun and Durga could be found.

A few months later in May 2018, the nurse got a call from a woman in Bhopal who claimed Tarun had conned her too of cash and jewellery after marrying her. The woman had come to know about the nurse from a news report.

The two exchanged pictures of their wedding and found that the man who had cheated both was the same.

Tarun and Durga were arrested early on Friday morning when they were on their way to Noida from Varanasi, where they had persuaded a third woman into marriage. Police said the two had conned at least three women of Rs 1 crore with the same modus operandi. Both Tarun and Durga had entered the world of crime long before they cheated the three women. In December 2011, they stole cash and jewellery worth Rs 16 lakh from the house of their landlord. They moved to Chandigarh, where they cheated many of at least Rs 50 lakh with an investment scheme.

Noida SSP Ajay Pal Sharma said the two had Rs 25,000 each on their heads. “We have been trying to trace the couple’s location after they fled to Bhopal. We arrested them when they were entering Noida on Friday around 5.30am,” he said. “The two were wanted in as many as six cases in Noida, Indore, Chandigarh, Meerut, and Varanasi under relevant sections of the IPC.”

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