Captain Toad‘s Treasure Tracker

has been described as charming, and I‘d have to agree. It‘s set up like a storybook with each level being a page in that book. Once a level is completed you can leaf through to the next page.

The gameplay here is action-puzzle. Your goal for each level is get Captain Toad to the Power Star. Normally in a Nintendo action game, this would see you leaping enemies and obstacles as you platform your way through to the end.

The spin here is that your character, the titular Captain Toad, cannot jump. Instead, you must navigate him through by figuring out puzzles and determining how to avoid all the enemies that stand in your way.


To this end you control Toad as well as the camera. Manoeuvring the camera aids in finding secrets as well as showing you the angles you need to exploit to solve the puzzles and progress to the next level.

Those hoping to 100 per cent the stages are enticed to replay each level with the extra objectives of collecting three Super Gems, finding the hidden Pixel Toad and completing a course-specific mission. These are all optional, but after a certain point you will need a certain number of Power Gems to progress further.

Each level is well thought-out and the secrets are well-hidden. With over 70 courses to puzzle through, tracking down all Captain Toad‘s treasure is going to keep you busy for a long time.


Captain Toad Treasure Tracker


Nintendo Switch




Thoughtful puzzles all wrapped in classic Nintendo charm