CHENNAI: ‘Conventional‘ Chennai will get its guide to , from the woman who named it. US-based , a professor emerita at Rutgers College, is one of the researchers who found and named the G-spot.
The author of the best seller “The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality” will be speaking in a three-day organised by the here. The conference, which will start on August 16, will be themed on “sexual health and quality of life.”

Whipple argues that females too ejaculate. In the 80s, she and her colleague John Perry conducted a series of experiments with help of doctors and concluded that stimulation could result in non-urine fluid production among women.

In her speeches and research papers, available online, she says some women with strong pelvic muscles are being wrongly diagnosed as patients with urinary incontinence.

And for those wondering why it’s called ‘G-spot,’ she says it is in honor of a German sexologist D Ernst Gräfenberg, who first spoke about it.

Besides Whipple, the conference will have several international and national experts on sexology. Doctors will discuss theories and present papers on topics such as ‘hidden chemistry of kiss’ and ‘disappearing penis’ besides ongoing research on testosterone replacement and stem cell therapy for sexual dysfunction and diseases.

Conference organising committee chair and sexologist Dr Narayana Reddy said the committee decided that the conference would include historic relevance to sexology in India and laws on sexuality. For instance, Hyderabad-based Dr DVR Poosha will speak about why men in ancient India chose to sculpt erotic sculptures and what each of them mean.

The conference will hold discussions on pressing legal and concerning issues such as child sexual abuse, sexual minority and marital rape. It will also set up a mock court, where a man will plead for divorce due to domestic violence.

“We hear such stories often in our clinics during counselling, but these stories aren’t that common to people or even doctors. In fact, many couples request for potency certificate. There are several reasons why such potency certificates may not be valid,” said Dr Reddy.

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