A woman has shared one of her habits in a parenting forum, thinking it was a completely normal thing to do, only to be called “disgusting” for doing it.

The mother found herself in the awkward position of finding out that not everybody agrees with, let alone partakes in, the habit of peeing in the shower.

Her admission that she usually pees in the shower led to an online debate on whether that is a normal thing to do – and it seems no one can agree.

The woman shared her experience on parenting site , asking for other people‘s opinions.


“Dh [darling husband] thinks it‘s disgusting. I think it‘s fine,” she wrote.

“The warm water makes me need a wee and I‘m not going to get out, soak the floor, dry off and all that.

“It‘s environmentally friendly as less toilet flushing.

“The water washes the wee away and it‘s only wee.

“I thought everyone did it occasionally.”

The controversial post in the parenting forum. Image / Mumsnet facebook twitter email linkedin google-plus whatsapp pinterest reddit

Mumsnet users were not impressed, with some branding her habit as “disgusting”.

“Nope. Grim behaviour. I wouldn‘t be impressed if my dh did it,” someone said.

“”I can always tell when someone is a shower p*****. Their shower cubicle and bathroom tends to stink of piss in the same way a urinal does (sorry, but it does.) The only place any pee should be going is down a toilet,” someone else said.