A distinctive Kiwi bach on the waterfront at Ngunguru has sold for the first time in almost 70 years.

The iconic “Rainbow Bach‘‘ across from the water at Ngunguru has been sold to a Whang─ürei family after it was put on the market earlier this year.

The bach had been in the same family for 68 years and its colourful and distinctive rainbow paint job has been attracting attention since it was painted in 1974.

The slice of Kiwiana on Ngunguru Rd was sold on the One Roof platform by Alan Dowsett from Ray White Tutukaka and with more than 130,000 digital impressions it really created a lot of interest and buzz online.


Kiwi baches opposite the Ngunguru Estuary and along Ngunguru Rd are becoming as rare as hen‘s teeth, so it was no surprise there was plenty of interest when the iconic Rainbow Bach came on the market in April.

It is the first time the property had been on the market in over 68 years after five generations of family had enjoyed the bach. First built by the owner‘s grandfather in the early 1950s, the property was only ever meant to be a temporary wooden shanty, but over the years additions including two bedrooms, and a second floor were added.

Unlike most Kiwi baches, this local landmark didn‘t become famous for its prime waterfront position, but for the bold rainbow mural painted on its exterior.

Partly inspired by the design of Pat Hanly‘s work on the newly built Christchurch Town Hall at the time, the mural was first painted by the family‘s resident artist in the winter on 1974 – while residing in the property to save up for their own home.

“Judging by the online comments and other feedback received it would seem that locals have become far more accepting of the design, and concerned for the building‘s future – with many worried that out of town developers would come in and bowl the iconic structure,” Dowsett said.

“Back in the day locals were upset about the mural because they thought it looked ugly.”

The new owners won‘t be able to afford to do much with the bach for a while, but intend to use it for weekend and mid-week family escapes.

The sale price has not yet been released. The bach had a CV of $450,00 but the vendors were seeking interest over $700,000.