NEW DELHI: The of the Delhi Police’s has 14 people for running a and duping victims based in US and on the pretext of helping them with technical support in installing products from and .

The accused would take remote access of the victim’s computer to ‘fix’ their problems and plant a malware in their systems that would start popping up error messages on their screens.

The fraudsters would then force their victims to pay service charges to remove the malware. The men, identified as Akash, Shahbaz, Parvind Singh, Abhishek, Avinash, Deepak Pal, Gaurav Kudia, Mithun, Navneet Sharma, Bishwajit Swain, Ankur Dhirta, Ranjeet Singh, Raj Kumar and Raj Kumar Lal, ran the call centre from a house in Kirti Nagar.

During interrogation, the men revealed that sometimes they would also cheat US and Canadian citizens by telling them that their iPhones are under attack by hackers and induce them to buy Google Play gift cards worth several hundred US dollars.

They stay on call with the victims for up to 6-8 hours in order to establish confidence with their targets and appear genuinely concerned to help tthem. As soon as the target shared the number of the gift cards, they disconnected the call and blocked the victim’s number.

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