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Glenwood Guardian is an independent financial media company located in Worcester, MA. Our team of contributors monitor U.S market news, analyst activity and stock moving announcements.

Our business is producing and distributing high-quality news and economic research to a broad audience through various distribution networks and channels. Our team provides research-driven trading news and insight for a broad array of investing strategies.

The U.S. Equity team is comprised of 12 analysts covering over 150 stocks across four sector verticals that include Diversified Technology, BioTech, Semiconductors and Systems & Software. Our approach enables us to provide in-depth and objective industry knowledge to drive ideas and help readers make important investment decisions. Our valuation work combined with our sensitivity to catalysts allow our industry analysts to develop and advance in-depth news on each company we cover.

Our contributors are focused on developing unique and superior sources of real-time information that aid us in crafting business trends for the companies and industries we cover and then using that information to create value for our readers by exploiting the gap between consensus expectations and reality. Techs Insider journalists are acculturated with moving beyond the corporate management team. They strive to develop a dialogue with relevant, important members of the operating teams within the company including operational managers. Further, our journalists seek out private company executives, competitors, suppliers, distributors, retired executives, legal experts and union representatives to generate additional unique and differentiated perspectives.

Given that we have so many non-traditional sources of information, our editorial meetings are often more productive, leading to additional insights that help build our research mosaic. We focus on company specific bottoms-up analysis, track near-term dynamics while also having a longer-term perspective. In short, we try to track all the relevant data sources for the companies and industries we follow with a focus on underutilized nontraditional sources.

The combination of our experience, relationships with our companies, vast networks of industry contacts and our proprietary news and financial analysis makes Tech Insider one of the most respected independent equity news organizations in the industry.

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